Politeknik International Bali

Polytechnic International Bali, or PIB for short, is a prestigious hospitality and culinary institute in prime location in Bali with world class facilities, and internationally-trained academic team.

4 Weeks

The 4-week program combines practical training in Exotic Asian Cuisine & Pastry Cooking with lectures and guest lectures in English and weekly excursions.

5 Subjects

Five subjects uniquely combine the study of culinary skills, knowledge about ingredients and nutrition with gastronomic expertise and management skills.


After completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of accomplishment. Students can earn up to 10 credit points which are transferable within the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and other Credit Systems.

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Exotic Culinary Arts

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, not least because of the overwhelming Balinese hospitality and the flourishing gastronomy. Bali boasts a wealth of exotic and healthy cuisine. This 4-weeks program, “Exotic Culinary Arts” at the beautiful campus of Politeknik Internasional Bali, and the associated Bali Culinary Pastry School, is a short course for international students from the areas of culinary and gastronomy, as well as a further education course for passionate chefs or apprentices and anyone interested in specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine or kitchen management. Uniquely, this course combines the handicraft and the art of Asian cuisine class with knowledge of exotic Asian ingredients, management skills, and business plan in culinary. In practical lessons, participants are given the opportunity to learn the skills of Asian cookery, deepen the topics of entrepreneurship and management in lectures and explore the famous food and beverage field of Bali in weekly excursions.

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Exotic Culinary Arts
Facts & Figures

How is the course organized?

The semester is composed of:

  • practical cooking classes
  • lectures
  • excursions
  • workshops
  • cultural events

Who can participate?

The course is geared toward anybody studying or working in the fields of the following disciplines:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Food-Management
  • Gastronomy
  • and other related subject areas

Further, professional chefs, confectioners, or anybody interested in specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine or kitchen management and entrepreneurship is welcome to join the program.

Why study in Bali?

With the course at Politeknik Internasional Bali, you will:

  • Study in a dreamlike environment on a campus of international standards
  • Learn the skills of Southeast Asian cuisine in an authentic environment
  • Gain extensive knowledge of corporate governance and hospitality management
  • Get practical experience in a location with flourishing gastronomy
  • Collect up to 12 credit points for credit transfer and a certificate of accomplishment
  • Expand your network and meet participants from all over the world


13.01.2020 – 07.02.2020

Application deadline 01.12.2019

€ 1,350


Cooking Classes and all ingredients

Lectures and guest lectures in English

Excursions, workshops & trainings

Help with application and preparation

Enrolment & administration

Exotic Culinary Arts

Exotic Culinary Arts


You can apply online, using our online registration form. Have your letter of enrollment, a copy of your passport ID page, and a high-resolution picture handy.

Fill in the registration form

Fill in the online registration form and upload all required documents. Within 1-3 working days, you will receive an email from us with your registration confirmation.

Confirm Application

Sign the registration confirmation and send it back to us. Your registration is now complete and you will receive all further information regarding study fees, visa, accommodations, etc.

Exotic Culinary Arts

Politeknik Internasional Bali


The Politeknik International Bali campus is strategically located in a fast-growing tourism area in Bali between Kuta Beach and Tanah Lot. The area is surrounded by international tourism and hospitality brands, but is quiet, with beautiful, green surroundings. PIB’s vision is to educate excellent graduates who are highly skilled in their fields of expertise, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. With numerous cooperation partners in the tourism and gastronomy industry, as well as an internationally-trained team, the focus is on practical classes. The entire campus of the PIB is generously and impressively designed. All rooms and equipment are upscale, to international standards.


At the end of the program, students who satisfactorily complete all course requirements will be awarded certificates as follows:

  • A certificate stating that the student has attended the program;
  • An Academic Transcript showing the student’s performance in the program. The grades in the transcript are the final marks;
  • A Certificate stating that the student has participated in workshops and academic excursions (on request).


Each module’s credits are transferable to the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS).

If you want to have the subjects credited at your home university, we suggest having the course pre-approved by the home institution’s exchange coordinator, academic advisor, or a professor. Whoever is in charge of credit transfer should sign a “Learning Agreement” in order to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the study period abroad and to ensure that the student will receive recognition for the educational components successfully completed abroad.


Every student will require a valid visit visa called “VISA SOSIAL BUDAYA,” with a maximum validity of 60 days. The visa can be obtained from the Indonesian embassy in your home country.


Usually, participants form groups and rent a house or a villa (a house with pool) together. We have a Facebook group for each semester, where the students can meet the other participants. For those who would like to book an accommodation beforehand, we recommend the websites  Auslandssemester Bali and Rentroom Bali, which offer accommodations at student prices.

The PIB also offers rooms in its own student dorm. Please ask for further information.

Additional Costs

The cost of living is relatively low in Bali. However, it is difficult to say how much money you will need for the 15 weeks, as it strongly depends on the individual lifestyle.

Here you can find a list of general living costs.