Sekolah Tinggi Desain’s creative campus (STDBali) blends an academic environment with a family atmosphere. It is one of Indonesia’s most popular creative arts educational institutions.

4 Weeks

The four-week Summer School course “Southeast Asian Fashion Design” will introduce you to the technical skills of fashion design, all while you explore the unique fashion of Southeast Asia, especially the traditional clothing of Balinese people.


4 subjects give an insight into the unique fashion of Southeast Asia – from traditional clothing to the use of natural materials to textile processing and clothing construction. During the course you will develop your own mini-collection as an expressive brand with an individual design identity.

12 Credit Points

With the completion of this program you can receive up to 12 credit points. All credits are transferable among the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and other Credit Systems.

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Summer School
Southeast Asian Fashion Design

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with a unique blend of exotic culture, traditional ceremonies, clothing, and textiles. The Summer Course “Southeast Asian Fashion Design” at Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali is a 4-week program that provides international students, graduates and everyone who is enthusiastic about fashion design, in-depth insight into the Fashion Design of Southeast Asia. In this program, participants will learn about Balinese culture, focusing on traditional textiles and traditional costumes. Participants will develop new concepts of fashion collection, blending international fashion codes with local inspiration.

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Summer School
Facts & Figures

How is the course organized?

The 4-week Summer School is composed of
  • Lectures in English
  • Excursions
  • Workshops
  • Design project
  • Social activities
  • Selected cultural events

Who can participate?

The Summer School is directed at students in the fields of

  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Design
  • Costume Design
  • Fashion & Styling
  • and related disciplines

The course is eligible for beginners and intermediates, and is suitable for everyone who is enthusiastic about fashion design.

Why Summer School in Bali?

With the “Southeast Asian Fashion Design” Summer School, you will:
  • gain expertise about the fashion in Southeast Asian countries
  • learn traditional techniques for the production of textiles and fabrics
  • develop your own collection, blending international fashion codes with local inspiration.
  • expand your portfolio
  • collect up to 12 credit points
  • make friends with people from all over the world
  • gain insights into the cultural diversity of Indonesia


01.08.2020 – 29.08.2020

Registration Deadline 15.06.2020

Welcoming Dinner: 01.08.2020

Orientation Day: 03.08.2020

Classes: 03.08.2020 – 27.08.2020

Graduation & Farewell : 29.08.2020

1.580 €


Lectures & guest lectures in English

Excursions, workshops & events

Welcome & Farewell Dinner

Help with application and preparation

Enrolment & administration

Help, contact and support in Bali

Book a room in one of the "Student-Villas" and stay together with the other participants of the Summer School.

SIB Summer School Villa Cemara Bali 01 web - Summer School Fashion Design
8 Rooms
€ 455 / Room

Villa Cemara 1&2

Villa Cemara is set amidst a lush tropical garden with a beautiful pool and 8 air-conditioned double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The villa consists of 2 units with 4 bedrooms each.

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8 Rooms
€ 455 / Room

Villa Matra

Villa Cemara 3&4 is located right next to Villa Camara 1&2. The spacious villa has a big, beautiful pool, a large community space and 8 airconditioned bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

StudyInBali Villa Oasis 01 web - Summer School Fashion Design
13 Rooms
from € 310 / Room

Villa Oasis

Villa Oasis (11 rooms: 7 double bedrooms, 4 single bedrooms) is located in a quiet street in Umalas Kelecung, Close Villa Cemara. It consists of 3 buildings with a private pool in the middle to share: Villa 1, Villa 2 and Studio.

StudyInBali Summer School Southeast Asian Fashion Design STDBALI Program Description - Summer School Fashion Design
StudyInBali Summer School Southeast Asian Fashion Design STDBALI Terms of condition - Summer School Fashion Design

Summer School

Summer School
Excursions & Workshops

  • Workshop Natural Dying on Fabrics 
  • Batik Workshop
  • Silver Jewelery Workshop
  • Traditional Fabrics 
  • Yoga Class & Surfing Lesson
  • Traditional Workshop and Ceremony
  • and many more…

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Summer School


You can apply online, using our online registration form. Have your letter of enrolment, a copy of your passport ID page as well as a high-resolution picture of yours handy.

Fill in the registration form

Fill in the online registration form and upload all required documents. Within 1-3 working days you will receive an email from us with your registration confirmation.

Confirm Application

Sign the registration confirmation and send it back to us. Your registration is now complete and you will receive all further information regarding study fees, visa, accommodation, etc.

Summer School


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Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali – Campus of ‘Creative Innovation’

Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali, or STD Bali for short, is located in Denpasar, the capital city of the island of Bali, widely recognised for its beautiful landscape, strong traditional arts and culture, as well as friendly people. STD Bali focuses on creating a family style academic environment to remain the preferred creative arts educational institution in Indonesia. With the vision of setting industry standards for education and training with the twin mottos of “empowering people to be creative” and “knowledge is our power” STD Bali has developed a coordinated process for insuring that learning is relevant to the work place. Offering various domestic and international classes, vocational and short courses in design, architecture, interior, landscape, tourism, art culture and others, the Creative Campus seeks to help students to become smart, competitive, creative and tough in order to meet the needs of both local and international industry.

Class Rules

  1. Students must wear appropriate clothes at all times on campus and on excursions. For men this means long pants and a shirt or t-shirt. Tank tops and board and shorts are not appropriate. For women, tops that cover shoulders and long pants are preferred. Shorts, mini-skirts, singlet and tank tops are not appropriate.
  2. Students must be in the class at least 5 minutes before class start.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere inside STD Bali building.
  4. Physical attendance at classes and excursions (85 %) is obligatory to gain the full amount of CP.
  5. In case of illness the student should inform the secretariat. For more than 2 days of sickness, a doctor certificate must been obtained.


At the end of the program, students who satisfactorily complete all course requirements will be awarded certificates as follows:

  • Certificate stating that the student has attended the summer school program.
  • An Academic Transcript showing the student’s performance in the program. The grades in the transcript are the final marks.
  • A Certificate stating that the student has participated in the workshop or certain academic excursions (on request).


Each module’s credits are transferable to the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS).

If you want to have the subjects credited at your home university, we suggest having the course pre-approved by the home institution’s exchange coordinator, academic advisor, or a professor. Whoever is in charge of credit transfer should sign a “Learning Agreement” in order to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the study period abroad and to ensure that the student will receive recognition for the educational components successfully completed abroad.


For the four week summer course in Bali you will require a valid visa that allows you to attend a short course. The recommended option is to obtain a VISIT VISA in your own country with a 60 day validity.

The cost is around € 50.


The traffic on Bali’s roads is impressive and very different to that found in Western countries. It can seem pretty chaotic in the beginning. Traffic jams are a part of everyday life. The traffic flows according to its own rules. Time, patience, and serenity are important at peak times in this respect. Many students choose to ride a scooter. It´s the fastest and easiest way to get around. They drive on the left side of the road, but one gets used to that relatively quickly.

An international driver’s license is mandatory. You can apply for one in your home country.


During the Summer School you can live with the other participants in one of the “Student Villas”. The “Villas” are located in Umalas and Canggu, in the south-west of Bali. There are many cafes and restaurants and it is only a 10 minutes ride by scooter to the beach. To STD Bali campus it takes about 20-30 minutes – depending on traffic. The room rates are between 320 – 455 euros for the entire 4 weeks.

The rooms can be shared, of course. At the Villa Oasis, there are twin bed rooms, so single beds can booked as well.

If you want to find a place to stay by yourself, we recommend the areas around Kerobokan, Umalas, Seminyak or Canggu – for those who like it more quiet we suggest Sanur. Denpasar is not recommended.

Additional Costs

The cost of living is relatively low in Bali. However, it is difficult to say how much money you will need for the 4 weeks, as it strongly depends on the individual lifestyle.

Here you can find a list of general living costs.